"Natural Light" Photographer - What does it mean?

by Michael Browns

A few years ago, when quality digital cameras became more affordable, many people entered the so-called "professional photography" job market.

Nearly all of these photographers call themselves "Natural Light" photographers which means they do not have a studio with a camera room, lights, props, a dressing room or restroom. They must rely mostly on outdoor locations and hope for good weather, otherwise they will need to reschedule sessions for another day and time instead of using a studio's camera room as a back up location. 

Natural light photo sessions are limited to times of the year when outdoor temperatures are comfortable, conditions are not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, not too cloudy as well as not raining.

Each time a photographer says, “I’m a natural light photographer”, some consumer's  have the perception that the photographer is a "more honest type of photographer, better attuned to reality, and purer in motive and style." However, what it really means is, the photographer hasn't learned to use studio lights or an auxiliary camera flash, has no studio location and conducts business out of their home.

Many natural light photographers don't sell professional quality prints, just digital image files on a disc. Yet, there are some that do sell prints at a very low price which means the prints do not have a protective coating of special lacquer and the large prints (11x14 and larger) are not mounted, they are just large floppy pieces of paper sometimes rolled up in cardboard tubes.

Here at Photography by the Browns we provide both "natural light" and in studio portrait sessions. We sell wall portrait frames both stock (ready made) and custom. We provide our customers with truly professional service and photographic products.

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Portraits For The Business Professional

by Michael Browns

This blog post is for those who own and or manage a business. 

Using a truly professional portrait of you and your staff is the best way to put a face with your business advertising. Don't just use a snapshot or a photo taken by your local newspaper. Seriously consider a professional portrait created here at Photography by the Browns.